My Top 10 Heat Oil Diffusers – Candle Lanterns and Tea Light Holders


Top 10 Heat Oil Diffusers - candle lanterns and tea light holders

Welcome to my Top 10 Heat Oil Diffusers

Heat oil diffusers are one of the prettiest and most affordable of the aromatherapy diffusers. They not only infuse a wonderful fragrance throughout your home, but they also diffuse a flickering candlelight, making your home look like a fairy wonderland.

If you don’t want to add any humidity to your home (ultrasonic diffusers add humidity) and you don’t need to use a nebulizing diffuser for its therapeutic values, then heat oil diffusers are a beautiful option.

Add one, two or multiple heat oil diffusers, candle lanterns or tea light holders to your home and give your home a magical ambiance all year round.

To help you decide which heat oil diffusers are best for your home – here are my Top 10 Heat Oil Diffusers.

  1.  Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer.
  2.  Ivenf Ceramic Tea Light Holder.
  3.  Ceramic Electric Fragrance Warmer.
  4.  Marble Electric Candle and Wax Tart Warmer.
  5.  OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer.
  6.  Live, Love, Laugh Fragrant Candle Warmer.
  7.  Moroccan Style Candle Lanterns.
  8.  H Potter Decorative Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder.
  9.  European Style Hanging Candle Lanterns.
  10.  Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet – Tea Light Warmer.


1. Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer

Electric Oil Warmer aromatherapy diffuserThis stylish purple electric oil warmer has to be one of the prettiest and most eye-catching diffusers I have seen.

It sits on a circular mirrored stand with little feet, and as the flickering light diffuses your perfumed essential oils throughout your home, the beautiful purple and pink colors bounce around your room.

Made of high quality glass, this diffuser makes a stylish and elegant gift for yourself, and for your friends and relatives as well – after all, who wouldn’t love to receive this fabulous looking heat oil diffuser as a gift?

You have an ON/OFF switch and a dimmer switch, it comes with a halogen bulb and uses mains power (no batteries). It also comes in a gift box, making it the ideal gift for Birthdays and Christmas.



2. Ivenf Ceramic Tea Light Holder

Ivenf Ceramic Tea Light HolderHandcrafted gifts are on-trend right now and this lovely ceramic tea light holder makes a wonderful and very thoughtful gift. Made of white glazed ceramics, this is a very pretty and sturdy diffuser that is eminently affordable.

Ivenf have a a number of different ceramic designs, all of which will look fabulous in your home. This particular design has lovely floral cut-out patterns in the ceramic body, allowing the light to leave lovely lacy patterns on your walls.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, put your feet up and relax with a glass of wine and you have the perfect day or evening at home. This tea light holder is easy to use, simple to keep clean, great for indoors or outdoors and is extremely affordable.



3. Ceramic Electric Fragrance Warmer

Hosley Candle Company - Ceramic Electric Fragrance WarmerIf you like ceramics, then this electric fragrance warmer by the Hosley Candle Company is perfect for your home. This elegant design will suit any home and it comes in cream, red or blue, making it easy to fit in with your decor.

You have an ON/OFF switch with an indicator light, so you always know if it is still switched on or not.

It does not need a bulb, as it diffuses your essential oils using a heating element (so you don’t need to use tea lights).

Instead, this heat oil diffuser uses wax melts, wax cubes, candle jars and essential oils. All you need to do is to add the wax melts or cubes to the heating plate, add your essential oils and switch the diffuser on. Alternatively, you can stand a perfumed candle jar on the heating element and not worry about wax cubes or melts.



4. Marble Electric Candle and Wax Tart Warmer

Marble Electric Candle and Wax Tart WarmerThis diffuser actually looks like marble, but it isn’t real marble. Nevertheless, it still looks fabulous and stylish and comes in black, green, blue, brown and burgundy, so it easily fits in with your decor.

A Best Seller on Amazon, this is a popular heat oil diffuser that uses candle wax and tarts to diffuse your essential oils throughout your home or you just pop a fragrant candle jar on the heating element instead.

This is a very affordable diffuser that is easy to use and to keep clean. It has an ON/OFF switch, so you can leave it plugged into the mains power, but still switch the heating element off. If you are looking for an affordable gift this year, then you can’t go wrong with this lovely electric wax tart warmer.



5. OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer

OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric 2 in 1 Candle WarmerIf you want a cute electric candle warmer that has a country feel, then this diffuser is just the ticket.

With ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ written on the base of the diffuser and the lovely country designs, this candle warmer will looks beautiful anywhere in your home (it also comes in a lovely butterfly design).

It has an ON/OFF switch and indicator light, takes wax cubes and tarts, and fits a 3″ candle jar. Melt the wax on the heating plate, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and let a beautiful fragrance fill your home (or just use a candle jar instead).

This ceramic stoneware electric candle warmer is very affordable and makes a wonderful gift for friends and relatives this year.



6. Live, Love, Laugh Fragrant Heat Oil Diffusers

Candle Warmers Etc. Illumination Fragrant Candle Warmer, Live, Love, LaughThis young at heart fragrant candle holder will look great just about anywhere indoors or outdoors. Made from ceramics, it is stylish enough to suit your decor, whilst not being too obtrusive.

This candle warmer takes wax melts and cubes, just pop in a few drops of essential oils and you are good to go.

You have an ON/OFF switch and it does require a warming bulb to melt the wax and heat the oils.  Candle warmers are a very cheap and cheerful way to add style to your home, as well as filling it with a wonderful fragrance, day or night. The Live, Laugh, Love fragrant candle warmer is a lovely gift for friends and family, regardless of their age.



7. Moroccan Style Candle Lanterns

Purple Glass Moroccan Style Candle Lantern for WeddingsWhy not add a piece of magical ambiance to your home with these lovely Moroccan style candle lanterns? They come in 5 different colors – red, green, blue, white, clear and amber, so you can stay with one color or mix and match them.

Their craftsmanship truly comes alive in the dark, when the candle light gently flickers through the patterned glass and cut out metal. They look fabulous hung along an outside walk way, a hallway, at the entrance to your home or as center pieces for a celebration table.

These Moroccan style candle lanterns use tea lights, votive candles or small pillar candles and make fabulous gifts for yourself, your friends or family. You can hang them from a hook or leave them freestanding, singly or in groups for a festive look.



8. H Potter Decorative Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder

H Potter Decorative Hurricane Candle Lantern HolderIf you are looking for something different, then these H Potter Decorative Candle Hurricane Lanterns fit the bill. These look absolutely fabulous in the entry way to your home, along timber stairs or outside on the patio.

These heat oil diffusers come in 2 sizes (19″ or 23″ high) and are made from cast iron and glass. This makes them very sturdy and stable, but they are designed to be freestanding and not hung on a hook.

If you want to make an impact this year in your home, these hurricane lanterns will be the talking point of everyone who visits your home. They are more expensive than most of the other lanterns in my Top 10 list, but for style and impact, you can’t go wrong!



9. European Style Hanging Candle Lanterns

European Style Hanging Candle LanternsJust imagine how wonderful your home will look with these European style hanging candle lanterns this year.

As you can tell from their name, they are designed to be hung indoors or outdoors and since they are made from high quality metal and glass, they will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

These candle lanterns are perfect for adding a flickering ambiance to your outdoor eating area or BBQ and can quite easily take center stage in your entry way as well. They come in two sizes – a large 25″ high lantern and a 19″ lantern and they have a hinged door so you can easily pop in your chosen candles.

These heat oil diffusers are at the higher end of the price range for candle lanterns, but they look so fabulous, they are definitely worth a second look.



10. Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet – Tea Light Warmer

Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet Tea light Wax WarmerThis cast iron skillet and trivet is a whimsical take on tea light warmers, but it sells pretty well online (it is a Best Seller on Amazon). You can use either tea lights or wax tarts or cubes (adding your own essential oils for fragrance) and these heat oil diffusers make fun gifts for family and friends.

It really is made from cast iron, making it very strong and sturdy, and you can use it indoors or outdoors. This might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you want something quirky, then this has your name written all over it!

If you want to add a wonderful fragrance to your home, then this cast iron skillet and trivet might be exactly what you have been looking for 🙂




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