Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet – Tea Light Wax Tart Warmer Review

Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet Tea Light Wax Tart Warmer

Check out this unusual Cast Iron Tea Light, Wax Tart Warmer

If you are looking for a fun gift for a friend or loved one or even something really different for your home, then this cast iron tea light, wax tart warmer definitely ticks that box!

As you can see, it is made from cast iron, so it is going to be very durable and hard wearing.  On the serious side, this is an excellent tea light wax tart warmer that quickly fills your home with a beautiful fragrance – and it’s a Best Seller on Amazon as well.

Features of the Cast Iron Skillet & Trivet wax tart warmer by Bright Ideas

  • Tea light, wax tart warmer.
  • Heavy duty design made of cast iron.
  • Does not contain lead.
  • Ideal for wax tarts or cubes.
  • Can be used for essential oils.
  • Best Seller on Amazon.
  • A fun gift for friends, loved ones or yourself.
  • Adds a wonderful fragrance to your room.
  • Size: 2.5 x 6 x 2.5 inches.
  • Weight: 1 pound.
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What’s a Tea Light Wax Tart Warmer?

Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet Tea light Wax Warmer Well, wax tarts are small pieces of wax that are infused with a fragrance and are melted by placing them in a bowl that is heated by a tea light. The tea light heats the bowl, which in turn melts the wax and releases the fragrance into the air.

This tea light wax tart warmer is an unusual design, but still works in the same way as all of the other wax warmers that use tea lights.

In this particular case, you can also use it to diffuse essential oils into the room, by simply adding a mix of water and a few drops of your favorite oils to the skillet.

Although, if you do want to diffuse essential oils into the air, you might be better with an ultrasonic diffuser, as the tea light can take up to 30 minutes to heat the skillet enough to vaporize the water and essential oil mix into the air.

Just remember that when you heat essential oils, their molecules are split and this reduces the efficacy of the oils. So if you want to use essential oils for their fragrance, then you can use this tea light wax warmer or an ultrasonic diffuser, but a nebulizing diffuser is best as this retains the efficacy of the essential oils.

Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet Tea light Wax WarmerYou would base this decision on whether you wanted to use your essential oils to manage the stress in your life, to reduce a headache or to clear your sinuses for example, and had purchased essential oils for these purposes in mind. In this case you would definitely want a nebulizing diffuser.

Otherwise, if you just want to add fragrances to your room and you want to mainly use wax melts, then a tea light wax tart warmer is ideal (you might be disappointed with the long wait for your essential oils to perfume your room).

Online customer reviews

With more than 90% of all online customer reviews giving this tea light wax tart warmer 4 or 5 stars, you can see why it is a Best Seller. Customers love that it fits in well with their skillet kitchen wear and seems to have been designed perfectly for their homes.

Customers also like the heaviness of this wax warmer, the size of the warming bowl (skillet), that is quickly melts the wax evenly and that it looks awesome!

Summing up this unique cast iron, tea light wax tart warmer

Cast Iron Skillet and Trivet Tea light Wax WarmerIf you want something that is unique and a talking point, as well as a functional wax warmer, then this tea light wax tart warmer might be the one for you.

All you need is a good supply of tea lights and some wax melts and you are good to go.

At less than $20, this is a very affordable wax warmer that makes the perfect gift for everyone at Christmas and Birthdays.

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