OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer Review

OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer

Perfume your home with this beautiful Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer 

This cute Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer by OBI will look lovely in a guest room, bathroom, lounge or bedroom. It also comes in a painted butterfly design, which is equally beautiful.  With a warming plate and no need for heating bulbs, this is a popular electric wax warmer for under $20.

Features of the OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer

  • Electric Candle and Wax Tart Warmer.
  • Easy ON/OFF switch.
  • ON/OFF indicator light.
  • Made of ceramic stone.
  • Uses candle jars, wax tarts and cubes and essential oils.
  • Fits a 3 inch candle jar.
  • 36″ power cord.
  • Size: 5 x 4 x 5 inches.
  • Weight: 1 pound.
  • Ideal as a gift or for yourself.
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What’s an Electric Candle Warmer?

OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric 2 in 1 Candle Warmer - butterflysAn electric candle warmer will warm and melt jar candles, releasing their floral fragrances into the air.

They are perfect for adding a lovely fragrance to your home and can also be used in an office or consulting room.

We all love nice perfumes and this candle warmer by OBI can also be used with wax tarts and cubes, as well as your favorite essential oils, so it is very versatile.

If you want to use it with your essential oils, then just add a mix of water with a few drops of the oil to the bowl and the heating element will diffuse their fragrance into the air.

This electric fragrance wax burner comes in two different designs – a beautiful country cream and creamy red design with ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ painted onto the diffuser and an antique looking butterfly design, so you have more than one option for your home.

OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle WarmerThere are quite a few of these designs on the market and there isn’t much to choose between them, as they are all around the same price and have the same features.

The only real point of difference are the designs, so simply select the one that suits your decor the best.

The benefit of using an electric candle warmer is that it is usually one of the most affordable of the essential oil diffusers, however because they use heat to disperse the fragrances into the air, they split the molecules of essential oils. This reduces their efficacy and so if you want to use essential oils, rather than candles or wax, and you want to benefit from the therapeutic effects of your essential oils, then you need to use a nebulizing diffuser as these do not split the essential oils.

What are customers saying about this Electric Candle Warmer?

With more than 200 online reviews and nearly 90% of customers giving it 4 or 5 stars, this is a very popular electric candle warmer. Customers say that they love the versatility of this wax warmer, because they can use wax melts, candle jars and essential oils.

Summing up the OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer

OBI Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle WarmerIf you are wracking your brains for the ideal gift for a friend, loved one or even a treat for yourself, then you can’t go past this cute Ceramic Stoneware Electric Candle Warmer by OBI. It is so versatile, as you can decide to use essential oils one day, wax melts another and a candle jar yet another day.

The lovely Americana design or the beautiful butterfly design will look fabulous just about anywhere in your home and customers seem to buy more than one at a time! This is a well priced, sturdy and very popular wax warmer for the home or office and is well worth a look.

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