The Sanna Nebulizing Diffuser Review


Sanna Nebulizing Diffuser

Let’s take a look at the Sanna Nebulizing Diffuser

The Sanna is a unique nebulizing diffuser because it is composed of a solid wood base and outer covering, as well as a beautiful glass reservoir. It looks absolutely stunning and is one of the best negative ion diffusers on the market.

Aroma2Go state that the Sanna is a Medical Grade diffuser with the highest powered motor on the market and it is really whisper quiet, despite having a big motor.

Features of the Sanna Nebulizing Diffuser

  • Nebulizing essential oil diffuser.
  • Solid timber surrounds with glass interior.
  • One function button.
  • Timer – 120 minutes (2 min ON and 1 min OFF).
  • Continuous working mode.
  • 600 square feet operating range.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • AC power.
  • 12 month warranty.


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Nebulizing essential oil diffuser

Sanna Nebulizing Diffuser The Sanna, sold by Aroma2Go and designed by the Belgium Company Gingo Biloba is a nebulizing diffuser. This means that it doesn’t use water to disperse the essential oils into the air. Instead, micro particles of essential oil are distributed into the air via an atomizer spray.

As a Nebulizing Diffuser, the Sanna doesn’t add humidity to the air (important for people in humid or damp environments) and it also means that the efficacy of the essential oils is not reduced. This is because a nebulizing diffuser uses the undiluted essential oils, giving you the full therapeutic strength of  the aromatherapy oils throughout your room (ultrasonic diffusers heavily dilute the essential oils).

Nebulizing oil diffusers are the choice of health professionals who need to use the undiluted form of essential oils for their clients.

Timer and auto shut-off features

You can either let the Sanna essential oil diffuser run continuously or you can set the timer so that it runs for 2 hours and switches itself off at the end of this time. When you select this 2 hour mode, the essential oils are diffused into the air for 2 minutes, there is a break for 1 minute and then the misting cycle repeats. This prevents you from using too much of your essential oils in one go, as this is generally unnecessary from a therapeutic point of view.

Noise level

Nebulizing diffusers do tend to be nosier than ultrasonic diffusers, but the Sanna has a very quiet motor and you can hardly hear it when it is operating.

Easy to use

The Sanna nebulizing diffuser is a pleasure to use, because it is so easy! Simply remove the wooden top and glass lid of the diffuser, then add a few drops of your undiluted essential oil into the glass reservoir. You can replace the wooden top if you want, but it will work even without this lid being replaced.

When you use the diffuser with and without the wooden lid, you have two different looks to the diffuser. Next, you decide whether you want the diffuser to run continuously or on the 2 hour timer, then plug the unit into the mains power and you are good to go.

Sanna Nebulizing Diffuser


Customer reviews

There are not a lot of online reviews from customers, but those I have seen say that they love how the Sanna fills their room with a beautiful fragrance of pure essential oils.

This nebulizing diffuser has just about everything you need to disperse your essential oils into the air and help you to de-stress your life, reduce your headache or simply relax and take time out for yourself.


My final thoughts on the Sanna nebulizing diffuser

Sanna Nebulizing DiffuserThis is a wonderful looking nebulizing diffuser, which will look stunning in your home. You can use it with or without the solid timber upper covering and it looks so different that everyone will be asking you where you bought it!

The only improvement would be for there to be a low/high misting feature and more timing options. Other than these upgrades, the Sanna is a very effective and lovely looking nebulizing diffuser.

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