Raindrop Aromatherapy Nebulizer Review

Raindrop aromatherapy nebulizer

Let’s check out the Raindrop Aromatherapy Nebulizer by Organic Aromas

The Raindrop Aromatherapy Nebulizer is the diffuser most used by aromatherapists, massage therapists, counselors and other professionals and it looks just as fabulous in an office, spa, bedroom or nursery.

The hand blown glass top and solid plantation hardwood base are a far cry from other diffusers on the market, which are made from plastic and faux wood grain. This is a beautiful looking and very popular nebulizing diffuser.

Features of the Raindrop Aromatherapy Nebulizer

  • Nebulizing essential oil diffuser.
  • Timer – 2 hour intermittent, (2 mins ON and 1 min OFF).
  • Adjustable misting (low or high)
  • Auto shut-off.
  • LED mood lighting.
  • 800 square feet operating range.
  • Size: 10” x 6”
  • Quiet (less than 40db).
  • Suitable for citrus oils.
  • Easy to clean.
  • AC power and USB cable.
  • 1 year guarantee.
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Aromatherapy nebulizer for essential oils

Raindrop nebulizing essential oil diffuserNebulizing diffusers are used by professionals, because they deliver micro-particles of essential oils into the air at therapeutic levels. They are completely different to ultrasonic diffusers, because they do not dilute the essential oils (reducing their efficacy), instead using 100% of the oil without any water.

An aromatherapy nebulizer also uses an atomizer to disperse the essential oils into the air, whereas an ultrasonic diffuser uses cold mist technology, based on water. Nebulizing diffusers are very safe to use and to touch (no heat) and are suitable if you want to use your essential oils to boost your immune system, reduce a headache or to destress after a hard day’s work.

Ultrasonic diffusers are more for diffusing the fabulous fragrance of your essential oils into your room, but this is so diluted in water that the efficacy of the oils is very low. Another good point about nebulizing diffusers is that they don’t add any humidity to the air, which can be important for people who live or work in humid environments.

LED lights

The LED lights of this aromatherapy nebulizer cycle through the colors of the rainbow while the diffuser is in use; they are very soft in daylight and are not easier to see, but in the dark they give out a lovely ethereal glow.

You cannot turn these LED lights off, however if you notify the company when you place your order, they will disable them for you. This does mean that you need to decide whether you want the LED rainbow lights or not, but this is such a beautiful and effective nebulizing diffuser it is worth the trouble of making this decision.

Raindrop aromatherapy nebulizerTimer options

There is only one setting on this diffuser, which is for two hours with 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF. This is about as long as you would want to use a nebulizing diffuser for the therapeutic value of your essential oils and helps to conserve your oils.

You can of course, switch it back on after the 2 hours, but you will whizz through your supply of oils very quickly as it uses the pure form of your oils (undiluted).Don’t forget that you have two options for the misting, either low or high, so you can alter the strength of the misting to suit your preferences.

Auto shut off feature

When the 2 hour timer is completed, the aromatherapy nebulizer turns itself off, saving on power and your essential oils.

Noise level

This diffuser is whisper quiet, but all diffusers do make some noise, which are more evident if you place the diffuser on a surface that pick up on the slight vibrations. For example, if you place the diffuser on a metal table you will hear it more than if you place it on a wooden surface. This Raindrop nebulizer comes in at less than 40db, so it is really quiet.

Raindrop aromatherapy nebulizer Easy to use

This essential oil nebulizer is very easy to use, simply remove the glass cap at the very top of the diffuser, add about 20 or 25 drops of your essential oil, replace the cap and turn the diffuser on.

When you are finished, you simply turn the diffuser off and you can clean the diffuser with rubbing alcohol (for a quick clean) or soap and water for a more thorough clean.

Customer reviews

Customers really like this nebulizing diffuser, saying that it is so easy to clean, looks fabulous and really diffuses the essential oils throughout the home.

 My final thoughts on the Raindrop aromatherapy nebulizer

Raindrop nebulizing essential oil diffuserThis is a lovely essential oil diffuser with lots of great features, but most of all it looks absolutely fabulous and delivers 100% essential oils into the air.

It is easy to use and to clean and has a 2 hour cycle with intermittent misting, LED lighting and covers 800 square feet.

If you are looking for a nebulizing diffuser for your home or office, then you can’t go wrong with the Raindrop diffuser by Organic Aromas.

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