Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer Review

Electric Oil Warmer aromatherapy diffuser

Isn’t this Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer fabulous?

If there is one heat oil diffuser that looks absolutely fabulous it has to be the Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer. It is easy to use and to clean, and is a very affordable and stylish way to perfume your home with your favorite essential oils.

This oil warmer sits on a lovely mirrored stand with little feet and it comes gift boxed if you want to surprise a friend or loved one.

Features of the Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer

  • Electric oil warmer.
  • Made from high quality glass.
  • Separate dish for easy cleaning.
  • Built in ON/OFF switch.
  • Dimmer switch.
  • Size: 6.1 x 6 x 5.8 inches.
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces.
  • Requires x1 35 watt halogen bulb (included).
  • Comes with a 36 inch power cord.
  • Uses tarts or essential oils.
  • Comes gift boxed.
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Electric Oil Warmer

Electric Oil Warmer aromatherapy diffuserAn electric oil burner is the same as an electric oil warmer, which uses heat to vaporize the essential oils into the air. You can also use tarts, as well as your favorite oils in electric oil warmers.

These are usually one of the cheapest diffusers on the market, but with more creative designs becoming available, some of them are starting to cost a little more now. They are very easy to use and to clean and come in a myriad of different designs.

The one issue with heat oil warmers, whether electric burners or tea light holders is that the heat splits the molecules of oil, reducing their efficacy (check out nebulizing diffusers instead). So if you want to add a beautiful fragrance to your home and you are not bothered about the therapeutic benefits of your essential oils, then this might be a great choice for you.

How to use the Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer

First of all you need a 35 watt halogen bulb (one comes with the diffuser when you purchase it). You need to insert the two prongs of the bulb into the two small holes in the light socket (inside the diffuser). pushing gently until it sit correctly.

You have an ON/OFF switch and a dimmer switch with this electric oil warmer. The dimmer switch can be used to increase or decrease the light and heat from the halogen bulb. This in turn, increases or reduces how quickly the oil is warmed and dispersed into the air.

If you turn the dimmer switch low, then there is not much light or heat and the oils will take longer to diffuse into the air (too low and they might not vaporize into the air).

What I like about this electric fragrance oil warmer

Electric Oil Warmer aromatherapy diffuserThis Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer looks stunning and it actually comes in a number of other wonderful colors, which you can check out at the end of this review. It really is simple and easy to clean and the ON/OFF and dimmer switches are great.

If you want a good looking and elegant oil warmer, then Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer certainly fits the bill and it is extremely affordable as well.

It looks fabulous in the bathroom and bedroom, doubles as a night light and makes a lovely gift. The mirrored stand is a nice touch as the purple glow reflects around the room.

It does take a while to heat up enough to diffuse the scents into the air, so if you want an immediate fragrance, then check out my ultrasonic diffuser reviews.

What do customers say about this electric oil warmer?

Online reviews are mixed about this electric oil warmer. it seems you either absolutely love it and have no problems or you are plagued with problems.

The main negative comment from customers is that the heat from the halogen bulb is not enough to scent the room well. It appears that customers who use wax tarts find more problem with this than those using essential oils.  Another problem seems to be that the halogen bulbs don’t last very long at all and need replacing frequently.

Having said all that, lots of customers have no problems with this electric oil warmer and have purchased more than one in different colors. Since it looks so beautiful, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this diffuser!

My final thoughts on the Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer

Electric Oil Warmer aromatherapy diffuserIf you are searching for an elegant and eye catching electric oil warmer that is also very affordable, then the Purple Tie Dye Electric Oil Warmer might be the one for you.

There are mixed reviews from customers online, mainly regarding it being slow to diffuse the fragrances around the room. That can be a problem with heat oil diffusers, as you have to wait for the halogen bulb to heat up enough to vaporize the oils.

If you want instant fragrances in your rooms, then an ultrasonic diffuser might be a better choice, but you can’t beat this oil warmer for looking fabulous!

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