Oregon Scientific – Brainwave Music for Sleep and Relaxation

Oregon Scientific WS683BOXBK Dream Science Brainwave Embedded Sounds

Brainwave Music for Sleep and Relaxation by Oregon Scientific

One of the problems that can cause great stress in our lives is a lack of sleep, so it is definitely worthwhile checking out the Dream Science Sleep Companion, which creates Brainwave Music for Sleep and Relaxation.

Essentially, this is a sleek and compact sound machine that uses patented sleep enhancement technology to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed.

  • 12 high fidelity sounds, clinically proven to help you destress and sleep.
  • 8 high fidelity sounds to help you wake refreshed.
  • Sleep tracks are gradually slowed to encourage sleep.
  • Can be used with other audio devices.
  • Operates on mains power or batteries.
  • 6 mood enhancing colored back lights.
  • LCD display for time and sound tracks.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes of play.
  • Continuous play as well.
  • Size: 7.10 x 2.55 x 6.46 inches.
  • User Manual.
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Brainwave music for sleep and relaxation – how does it work?

Oregon Scientific brainwave music for sleep and relaxationAll of us experience different states of consciousness during our day, from sleeping, dreaming or being fully awake.

The tracks created by Dr Bartel, help your brain to easily slip into whatever brainwaves you need for a particular state of consciousness.

For example, delta waves are associated with the deepest levels of physical relaxation, alpha waves with an alert,  but quiet mind and beta waves are associated with normal waking states.  So the sound tracks are designed to alter your brain waves to match the state of consciousness that you need at that time.

If you want to go to sleep, then you need delta waves and when you want to wake up you need beta waves.

In total there are 20 high fidelity sounds with 12 designed to help you drift off to sleep and 8 designed to help you wake up in the morning. All of these sounds have been composed by Dr Lee Bartel, PhD who has been extensively involved in music research for rehabilitation and stress management in Toronto at the University of Toronto.

The 12 sleep enhancers include:

Hawaii, Unwind, Tranquility, Ocean Surf, Waterfall, White Rain, Heavy Rain, Meditate, Summer, Thunder, White Noise and Rain.

These tracks are accompanied by a blue mood enhancing back light.

The 8 wake up sounds include:

Energize, Dawn Rain, Revitalize, Aurora, Seashore, Whale, Jungle and Garden.

These tracks are accompanied by a white mood enhancing back light.

Dr Bartel - Composer of the brainwave music for sleep and relaxation

The clinically proven technologies used by the Oregon Scientific Dream Science Sleep Companion soothe your unconscious mind for a more satisfying sleep and help to wake you naturally and gently to your day feeling refreshed. These sounds speak directly to your brain, altering your beta, delta and alpha waves to either help you to drift off to sleep or wake up in the morning (depending on the sounds you select).

Brainwave music for sleep and relaxation has been clinically proven to sooth your unconscious mind and with a good nights sleep every night, you will find that your stress levels are reduced and you will feel more focused and alert. These positive qualities have a knock-on effect in your personal relationships and your working environment, helping you to deal with life’s daily ups and downs more easily.

Apart from having problems falling asleep and staying asleep, many people have problems waking up in the morning. That is why the additional 8 wake-up tracks from organ Scientific are so useful, because they gently change your brainwaves to a waking state, making mornings so much easier.

How do you use the Dream Science Sleep Companion?

Oregon Scientific brainwave music for sleep and relaxationFirst of all, you have two different but complementary technologies in play – the brainwave embedded sounds and the multi-hued mood lighting. The lighting is just in the background, so it won’t feel like a disco in your bedroom!

Both of these technologies have been clinically proven to calm your unconscious mind, so combining them together is a great idea. Apart from the 20 included tracks, you can also play other tracks that you have found useful for relaxation, adding in the mood lights and the alarm clock as well.

Sleep enhancement setting

When you press the Sleep Enhancement button you maximize the brainwave music for sleep and relaxation, because this setting starts to slowly reduce the speed of the music and lower its volume. This technique has been clinically proven to aid relaxation.

The speed slowly reduces down to half has initial speed and then stays at this rate until the timer cuts in.

Setting up your Oregon Scientific Sleep Companion

Slide off the battery cover on the back of the device, open the small CR2032 slot and insert the small button battery for the clock (this comes with the Sleep Companion). Next insert the 4 x AA batteries into the compartment (only if you want to use battery power) or simply plug the device into the mains power.

You have the following buttons on the Sleep Companion:

  • Sleep Timer: ON/OFF
  • Alarm: ON/OFF and an 8 minute  snooze.
  • Sleep Enhancement: ON/OFF.
  • Sound Tracks: ON/OFF.
  • Volume: Use the scroll wheel to optimize the volume.
  • Mood Lights: Select random colors or one color.
  • Scroll Wheel: Scroll up/down to adjust sound volume, adjust settings, or snooze the alarm when the alarm is on.

Oregon Scientific WS683BOXBK Dream Science Brainwave Embedded SoundsOnce your Dream Science Sleep Companion is powered up, you need to set the correct time on the clock.

For this you need to scroll the wheel up/down to set the 12/24-hour format, hour and minute, then press the scroll wheel button to confirm each setting.

You can easily select a sound track for the alarm to wake you up in the morning, set the best volume, choose a back light and set the timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes of sleep enhancing brain wave therapy.

What do customers say about the Dream Science Sleep Companion?

To be honest, there are not many online customer reviews available and those that do exist are mixed.  Currently, less than 50% of customer reviewers give the Oregon Scientific brainwave music for sleep and relaxation device 4 or 5 stars.

On the positive side, customers seem to like the multiple sound and light settings, the quality of the sound and that it does actually help them to fall asleep. On the negative side, the LED display for the clock is too small and it dims during the night so it becomes difficult to tell the time.

Summing up the Dream Science Sleep Companion 

Oregon Scientific Dream Science Brainwave Embedded Sounds - bedside tThis sleek and elegant looking device provides enhanced brainwave music for sleep and relaxation, as well as helping you to wake up refreshed in the morning.

A lack of sleep can be a major factor in our stress levels and in how we handle our relationships and daily lives, so ensuring that we sleep well is a priority in managing stress.

The Dream Science Sleep Companion has lots of great features, in particular the embedded brain wave tracks, which are clinically proven to aid sleep and relaxation. With 20 high fidelity tracks, a clock and alarm, and mood enhancing back lights, you have everything you need to improve your sleep patterns by relaxing your mind and body.

Customer reviews are mixed, but there are not a lot of reviews available online at present. At first glance, there really doesn’t seem to be anything inherently wrong with the Sleep Companion, but time will tell.

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