Now Foods Real Bamboo Oil Diffuser Review

Now Foods Real Bamboo Oil Diffuser

Let’s check out the Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser from NOW Foods

The NOW Foods Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Oil Diffuser is really made from bamboo and so it is BPA free and not only looks great, but also feels lovely to touch. It is such a pleasure to have a real bamboo diffuser and not a hard plastic model, so that is one of the best features of this oil diffuser.

Other important features include the fact that you have a long 14 hr operating time, it is really quiet so you can run it when you are in bed at night and it has such a large operating range.

Features of the Now Foods Real Bamboo Oil Diffuser

  • Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.
  • Water capacity 150mls (5.0 fl oz).
  • 3 changing colored LED lights.
  • Auto shut-off when water reservoir is empty.
  • 1 or 2 hour time.
  • Adjustable flow of mist (constant or intermittent).
  • 7 hours continuous working mode, 14 hours in intermittent mode.
  • Range of 400 square feet.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • BPA free.
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Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers

Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are ideal if you want the beautiful natural fragrances of essential oils to float throughout your room, helping you to relax and de-stress or just making you feel good.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser - safe for children and petsThey are perfectly safe and cool to the touch, because they don’t use heat or steam to disperse the essential oils, so they are safe around children and pets.  An ultrasonic oil diffuser also helps to extend the use of your essential oils, because they only need a few drops of your oils to fill your room with a beautiful perfume.

However, it is this mixing and diluting of essential oils that is also one of the negatives with an ultrasonic diffuser, because it dilutes the therapeutic effects of the essential oils. Even though these diffusers don’t use heat, which destroys the efficacy of the essential oils, in a similar way, diluting the oils drastically reduces their effect.

So if your natural therapist has given you essential oils for their therapeutic value, then you really need to use a nebulizing diffuser, which doesn’t dilute the efficacy of the oils.

Water capacity

The Now Foods Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser only has a 150 ml (5.0 fl.oz) capacity, but it can last up to 14 hours on intermittent mode, which is longer than most other diffusers. You also only need to use tap water in your diffuser, so don’t worry about spending money on distilled water.

Timer options

You have two timer options with the Now Foods Bamboo Diffuser, either 1 or 2 hours or running continuously. This means that you can set your diffuser to run for just 1 or 2 hours or leave it to diffuse until the water run out in the reservoir.

Auto shut off features

This lovely bamboo diffuser will shut off automatically if the water runs out and also at the end of the 1 or 2 hr timer options. An auto shut-off feature is a great safety measure, because you don’t want your oil diffuser to still be operating when there is no water in the reservoir.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil DiffuserAdjustable mist flows

You can set this bamboo essential oil diffuser to run continuously or intermittently.

This means that the mists of oil are either continuously diffused into the air or are diffused at intervals, saving on your essential oils and extending the hours of operation.

Range of operation

This bamboo diffuser has one of the largest ranges I have seen for a while, as the manufacturers state that it will diffuse your essential oils up to 400 square feet. This is quite a sizable space, so it is great value for the money.

LED lights

You have the option to have the 3 LED lights cycling from red, to blue and then green and these automatically switch on when you press the power button on the diffuser. They show in a lovely thin line around the upper circumference of the diffuser, but you can switch them off if you prefer.

Noise level

Customers state that this bamboo diffuser is lovely and quiet and is so quiet that it can easily be used in the bedroom at night. As it is so quiet, you can use this diffuser to waft your relaxing essential oils into your room when you are meditating or just trying to chill out.

Easy to use

All you need to do is to add the 150ml of tap water to the reservoir, replace the lid and press the ON button. Then decide if you want the LED lights on or not, continuous flow of not and do you want to set the timer for just 1 or 2 hours or let it run until it auto shuts-off?

Cleaning instructions

Maybe it is because this essential oil diffuser is made from real bamboo, but it does need to be cleaned much more often that other diffusers. So for normal essential oils you need to clean it before every third use, but for citrus oils between each use.  All you need to do is to leave some warm water to stand in the reservoir for 5 or 10 minutes, then tip the water out and wipe out with a damp cloth. Lastly, use a Q tip to clean around the ceramic disk and you should be good to go.

Customer reviews

The majority of customers love the natural look and feel of this bamboo diffuser and that it lasts for so long without needing to be refilled.

Some customers have found that this bamboo diffuser stops working after a few months, which is a shame because most customers don’t have any problems and it does look lovely doesn’t it? It does have a one year warranty however, so if you have any problems just ring up customer support.

Points to note about the Now Foods Real Bamboo Oil Diffuser

When the oil diffuser is in use, the power button is lit, as is the intermittent button if you have selected that feature, neither of which are a problem unless they are in your line of sight at night. Most customers find that simply turning the diffuser around with the buttons facing the wall is enough so that the problem goes away.

Another point is that the manufacturers recommend that you clean it after every two uses and after every use for citric oils, which depending on your point of view might make it a bit too fiddly for you.

My thoughts on the Now Foods Real Bamboo Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil DiffuserI really like this bamboo diffuser and find that it lasts for ages and looks lovely on the shelf  – it is nice to have a diffuser made from natural materials, rather than plastic as well.

This oil diffuser has LED lights, timer options, auto shut-off and an adjustable misting flow. It works for up to 14 hours on intermittent mode and 7 hours on continuous mode, so your home will be flooded with the wonderful fragrances of your essential oils.

This real bamboo oil diffuser is the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend or family member and comes with a one year warranty.

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