Living BeAtitudes Essential Oil Nebulizer Review

Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer

Let’s check out the Living BeAtitudes Essential Oil Nebulizer

The first thing that grabs me about the Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer is its shape, because it doesn’t look like any other oil diffuser I have seen. Even so, it is still an attractive looking diffuser that is sleek and minimalist and wouldn’t look out of place in your living room, bedroom, spa or office.

If you want a diffuser that is waterless, doesn’t emit any humidity into your room and uses pure essential oils, then the Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer has all of the functions you need with multiple timer and misting options.

Features of the Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer.

  • Timer – 1 hour continuous, 3 hours intermittent (30sec ON and 30sec OFF).
  • Auto shut-off.
  • 500 square feet operating range.
  • 5” x 4.5” x 8.75”
  • Quiet (less than 40db).
  • Easy to clean.
  • AC power and USB cable.
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Nebulizing essential oil diffuser

Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizerNebulizing diffusers are different to ultrasonic diffusers, because they don’t dilute the oils in water and they don’t release humidity into the air. They also don’t use heat to disperse the micro-particles of essential oils (which reduces the efficacy of the oils), instead using an atomizer.

All of this means that a nebulizing diffuser releases 100% essential oil particles into the air, so rather than using them to perfume your home, these diffusers are used therapeutically. Of course you can sue them to simply diffuse fabulous fragrances throughout your home, but since they use undiluted essential oils, if you run them for 8 hours a day, every day you will run out of essential oils very quickly.

In other words, if you just want an aromatherapy diffuser to make your home smell beautiful, then you might be better off with an ultrasonic diffuser (unless the extra humidity is a problem) or even an evaporative diffuser. The nebulizing essential oil diffusers are meant to be used for short periods of time, maybe an hour or so a day, with specific essential oils, for example, those meant to help you relax, de-stress, reduce your headache or boost your immune system.

Timer and misting options

You can either set this essential oil nebulizer to run for 1 hour continuously or for 3 hours intermittently, with 30sec ON and 30sec OFF. The intermittent mode will help to save your essential oils and give you a longer diffusing time in between refills.

You can also set this diffuser for low, medium and high misting options to increase or decrease the amount of essential oil micro-particles that are diffused into the air. On the lowest setting, this will also help you to conserve your essential oils, but still give you a beautiful fragrance in your room.

Auto shut off feature

Once the 1 or 3 hour timer has been completed, the diffuser will automatically switch itself off. If you want to run it again, then check the amount of essential oils left in the bottle and reset the timer.

Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizerNoise level

In general, nebulizing diffusers tend to be nosier than ultrasonic diffusers, emitting a soft babbling brook type of noise (even though they don’t have any water in them). The Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer has a noise level that has been recorded at less than 40db, which is somewhere between the noise level at a library and the whisper quiet of being in the countryside.

Easy to use

The Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer is simple to use, you just need to remove the cover, screw your 10ml bottle of essential oil into the diffuser, pop the cover back on and then select your timer and misting options.

If you run this nebulizing diffuser on the intermittent mode for 3 hours, one 10ml bottle of essential oil should last for at least a week.

Customer reviews

Most customers like this nebulizing diffuser, but some find that it’s too loud. Although most find that it works well and easily dissipates the essential oils throughout their home.

Points to note about the Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer

There are no LED lights or a night light with the Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer, but there are small lights at the very bottom and top of the diffuser, showing blue for the 1 hour setting and green for the 3 hour setting. So far, these lights have not proven bothersome, but you cannot turn them off if you find that they are a problem.

Living BeAtitudes give you a free bonus e-Book on ‘The Art of Aromatherapy’ with every purchase of this diffuser.

My final thoughts on the Living BeAtitudes essential oil nebulizer

This is a very sleek and stylish nebulizing diffuser that has all of the features you need and lots of great online reviews. It’s attractive and sleek, and will fit into anyone’s decor easily.

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