ISELECTOR 500 ml Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser Review

ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser

Let’s take a look at the ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser

With a beautiful elegant design on the glass cover and 7 mood enhancing LED lights, the ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser already has a big tick in my book. There is no denying that this scent diffuser looks wonderful and would easily suit any style or decor you have in your home.

But does its features stack up to how fabulous it looks?

Features of the ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser

  • Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.
  • Water capacity 500 ml (16.9 fl oz).
  • 7 mood enhancing colored LED lights.
  • Auto shut-off when water reservoir is empty.
  • Timer – 1 hr, 3 hrs, 6 hrs or continuous operation.
  • Adjustable misting flow – high or low.
  • Coverage area: up to 1000 square feet.
  • Up to 18 hrs of misting.
  • Upper glass cover and lower plastic container.
  • Mains power only.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • BPA free.
  • 18 month warranty.
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Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent DiffuserThe ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser, which means that it uses water to disperse the essential oils into the air.

With a large 500 ml capacity, this diffuser will last for up to 18 hours, giving your room a beautiful fragrance all day long.

Ultrasonic diffusers don’t use heat to diffuse the oils, instead they use cold mist technology to coast micro-fine particles of water vapor in your essential oils. This means that you need to add just a few drops of your favorite oils to the water reservoir, helping your oils to last a long time.

On the other hand, because an ultrasonic diffuser essentially dilutes your oils in water, they reduce the efficacy of the oils. So if you want to use a diffuser to give you therapeutic doses of your oils, then a nebulizing diffuser is more suitable for you.

Ultrasonic scent diffusers also add a certain amount of humidity to the air, not as much as a humidifier would, but they still do increase the humidity in the air. So if you live in a damp environment or one with lots of humidity already, you might prefer to use a nebulizing diffuser, evaporative diffuser or a heat oil diffuser.

Water capacity

With a 500 ml water reservoir, the ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser will give you up to 18 hours of beautiful fragrances in your home. The operating time does depend on the amount of misting you use, as a heavier misting will use up the water quicker than a more gentle misting.

ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser LED colored lights

You have 7 lovely colored LED lights with this aromatherapy diffuser, so you can mix and match the colors to your mood. There is red, purple, aqua, yellow, orange, green and blue, and you can leave the diffuser to cycle through these lights or select one that you like the most. You can even turn off the lights if you want to and just use the misting mode ( you might prefer no lights at night).

Auto shut off features

If the water reservoir runs out of water, the diffuser will switch itself off, which is a great safety feature. it is so easy to go out and forget that you have left the diffuser running or even go to bed and leave it diffusing in the family room. Many people like to use a diffuser when they go to bed, diffusing their favorite essential oils into their bedroom, so an auto shut-off feature is perfect because you don’t have to worry about it running on empty.

Timer and misting options

You can leave the ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser to run until all of the water has been used in the reservoir, when it will automatically turn itself off or you can use the 3 timer options. So you can set the diffuser to run for just 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours and then it will switch off.

ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent DiffuserThere is also a high or low misting option, so you could set the diffuser to high misting when you initially turn it on to push out the fragrance in your room and then turn it down to low misting and keep a nice gentle misting for the remaining time.

This helps you to save on the amount of essential oils you need to buy for the diffuser.

Noise level

The ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser is whisper quiet, but you can still hear a slight bubbling noise when the misting is set to high. Customers state that they can hear a very slight humming from the motor as well, but this isn’t a problem at all and that they sometimes set the misting to low at night so that it really is whisper quiet.

Easy to use

This is a very easy diffuser to use. All you need to do is to gently lift off the glass cover and using the measuring cup that comes with the diffuser, fill up the reservoir with 500ml of water.

Replace the lid and power the unit on, then set the timer (if you don’t want it to run continuously), set the LED lights (if you don’t want to let them simply cycle through the 7 colors) and select the misting mode (high or low). All of the buttons are on the front of the diffuser in the bottom plastic base.

ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser

What in the box?

When you receive your ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser in the mail you will have the following in the box:

  • 1 ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser.
  • 1 measuring cup for water.
  • 1 AC adapter with a 6ft cable.
  • User manual.

Customer reviews

Online customer reviews indicate that they love the ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser, particularly the lovely etched glass cover, its large water reservoir and all of the timing and misting options. I can’t really find a bad customer review about this fabulous diffuser.

My final thoughts on the ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser

ISELECTOR Aromatherapy Scent DiffuserWith its lovely etched floral patterns on the glass cover and the mood enhancing LED lights, this is a fabulous diffuser that will look stylish and modern in any room of your home.

It has all of the functions you need – timing and misting options – and a large 500 ml water reservoir as well.

This must be one of the nicest looking ultrasonic diffusers on the market and is definitely worth a second look.

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