H Potter Decorative Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder Review

H Potter Decorative Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder

How good is this Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder?

If you are looking for an absolutely fabulous lantern holder for Halloween, Christmas or just to sit on your patio, then the H Potter Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder is magic!

Just imagine this awesome lantern holder on display in your patio, pool or BBQ area and it not only looks great, but it also works. Just lift off the top of the lantern, insert your candle and you have a beautiful ambience for the evening’s spell casting.

  • H Potter Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder.
  • Available in 2 sizes: small or large.
  • Small size:  8″W x 19″H.
  • Large size: 10″W x 23″H.
  • Made from cast iron and glass.
  • Charcoal brown powder coat finish.
  • Glass hurricane included (candle not included).
  • Large, heavy construction.
  • Weight small size: 18.2 pounds.
  • Weight large size: 31.6 pounds.
  • Not designed to hang – table top or floor display only.
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How do you use the H Potter Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder?

Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder This Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder was not designed to be carried around or hung up. This is because the top of the lantern needs to be removed to insert the candle and the top is not screwed down. So if you hang it up, then it will fall apart!

The only improvement on this lantern is if you could hang it up or carry it around, otherwise it is fabulous. Just imagine placing this lantern outside on your patio (they are designed to be used outside), how good will it look? If you have a few grouped together, they will add a wonderful soft, glowing ambiance to your evening.

It’s not just H Potter fans who will love these lanterns, anyone who loves old world style or is partial to a magical evening or two, is going to be jumping up and down with enthusiasm for these lanterns.

They make a perfect gift for friends or relatives at Christmas or Birthdays, and you could never be questioned if you treated yourself to such a fabulous gift 🙂

What do online customers think about this Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder?

Every single customer who has left an online review for this Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder (those that I can find), all absolutely love it. I can’t find any negative reviews online for this lantern holder.

Some of the comments I have read were that you have to actually see them lit up on your patio to really appreciate how beautiful they look.

Should you buy a H Potter Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder?

H Potter Decorative Hurricane Candle Lantern Holder Well, if you want to treat yourself to a beautiful gift (and you do deserve one you know!), then these lovely old world lanterns are definitely worth a second look.

They are so good that customers never seem to put them outside, because they look so magical in their homes.

Both the small and the large size are fabulous and if you mix them up, then you can have a few inside and a few outside on the patio or entrance steps. Buy them for yourself or as gifts for friends or relatives and there is no way they will not be appreciated.

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