Illumination Fragrant Candle Warmer Live, Love, Laugh Review

Candle Warmers Etc. Illumination Fragrant Candle Warmer, Live, Love, Laugh

Live, Love, Laugh with this Beautiful Fragrant Candle Warmer

If you are looking for a fragrant candle warmer, then this one by Candle Warmers Etc., might just fit the bill. It is made from ceramics and its soothing color will fit in with any decor. You can use it with your essential oils or with wax melts, so it is quite versatile and is small enough to fit just about anywhere in your home.

There’s also lots of other designs for you to chose!

Features of the Illumination Fragrant Candle Warmer

  • Fragrant Candle Warmer.
  • Ceramic design.
  • ON/OFF switch.
  • Requires a warming bulb (120v 50w bulb).
  • Used with scented oils, wax melts and cubes.
  • Size: 5.8 x 5.8 x 8.8 inches.
  • Weight: 2 pounds.
  • Makes a lovely gift.
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What are Fragrant Candle Warmers? 

Candle Warmers Etc. Illumination Fragrant Candle Warmer, Live, Love, LaughCandle warmers are really a misnomer because they don’t warm candles, they either melt scented wax or vaporize essential oils.

So you place your wax melts or your water and essential oil mix in the bowl (a few drops of essential oils to a few tablespoons of water) and when you switch the warmer ON, the bulb heats the wax or water mix.

This releases the lovely fragrances in the wax melts or your essential oils into the air. If you really want to use this candle warmer for your essential oils, rather than for wax melts, you might find that an ultrasonic diffuser is more suitable.

This is because it might take too long for the essential oils to vaporize into the air with just a bulb, although many customers don’t find this a problem. Another point is that the heat actually splits the essential oil molecules, reducing their efficacy.

You most probably know that many people use essential oils for their therapeutic value, not just for their fragrance. So if this is what you want to do, then you don’t want a candle warmer or an ultrasonic diffuser (they both dilute the oils in water, reducing their efficacy , whilst the heat of a candle warmer splits the molecules), what you need is a nebulizing diffuser.

So if you just want a very affordable and beautiful looking fragrant candle warmer for your home that releases perfume into the room and uses wax melts, then this is a fabulous design that will easily fit in with your decor.

What are Customers Saying about this Lovely Fragrant Candle Warmer?

The majority of customers really love this fragrant candle warmer, but the one consistent complaint concerns the bulb, as many customers find that it only lasts a few days. Others have no problems at all, but I think that the issue is actually the brand of bulb.

High quality bulbs tend to last much longer than cheaper brands, so if you purchase this candle warmer and the bulb blows in a few days, try purchasing a better bulb, because this has worked for other customers.

Summing up this Lovely Fragrant Candle Warmer by Candle Warmers Etc

Candle Warmers Etc. Illumination Fragrant Candle Warmer, Live, Love, LaughIf you want a homely style fragrant candle warmer then you can’t go pass this one by Candle Warmers etc. Live, Laugh, Love is a wonderful motto and the color, style and design of this candle warmer is delightful.

Reviews are mixed however, even though most customers love this candle warmer.

The main problem is that the warming bulbs blow quickly, but that will be a problem with any wax warmer that uses bulbs.

Upgrading to a more high quality bulb might be the answer, but then again many customers don’t have a problem with the bulbs.

So if you want a fragrant candle warmer for your home or to give as a gift for under $20, then this ceramic designed warmer might be the one for you.

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