European Style Hanging Candle Lanterns – Large 25 inch – Review

Metal European-style Hanging Candle Lantern

Ramp up your decor with these stunning hanging candle lanterns

Just imagine how great your home will look at Thanksgiving and Christmas with a few of these stunning European Style Hanging Candle Lanterns lit around your home. You can use them indoors or outdoors and as they are made from high quality metal they will stand up to a lot of knocks.

Candle light adds romance, but these European Hanging Candle Lanterns bring a sense of mystery, style and other worldliness to your evening. You can just see them hanging outside a home in France, where you catch sight of their light as you drive up the long gravel driveway to a country house in the early evening.

Or watch them flicker on the patio as you wander along the stone walkway with a gentle breeze blowing in your hair or as you climb up an antique timber stairway to the rooms above. These fabulous hanging candle lanterns are not only fabulous, but they are also very affordable and will make everyone envious of your good taste.

  • Large 25 inch hanging candle holder.
  • Also available in a 19 inch lantern.
  • High quality metal.
  • Glass windows.
  • Side hinge door.
  • Candle not included.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Size: 8.25″ W x 8.25″ D x 25″ H.
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How do you use these hanging candle lanterns?

European Style Hanging Candle LanternsI was going to say that these hanging candle lanterns  look fabulous in winter, but I pulled myself up short, because they look just as great in summer as well!

Just imagine how good these will look at the entrance way to your home during the winter, adding to the warmth and  ambiance of your home and welcoming your guests in out of the cold.

They won’t look out of place in the summer, because you can stand them in the fireplace, hallway or outside on the patio and around the BBQ. These hanging lanterns bring to mind an air of elegance, horse drawn carriages and high society, but they also wouldn’t be out of place on a stone patio around an outdoor setting in the desert!

They also make beautiful candle lanterns for weddings held indoors or outdoors, for dinner parties, BBQs and anywhere a little candle light adds to the ambience.

You can hang them from a sturdy hook or sit them on the ground, either way they will look perfect in your home. Summer or winter, these beautiful hanging candle lanterns make a wonderful addition to your home and very thoughtful gifts for friends and relatives. They are available in both 25 inches and 19 inches, so you can mix and match them as needed.

What do customers say about these European Style Hanging Candle Lanterns

European Style Hanging Candle LanternsThere are not a lot of online reviews for these lanterns, but from what I have seen the majority of customers really like them.

There are two potential problems however, with the first being that a number of customers have found that the glass was broken when they received these lanterns in the mail.

I guess that this can happen when glass products are shipped, but you would hope that the sellers would replace the lanterns – wouldn’t you?

Their returns policy due to broken glass is unclear however – so I have contacted them about this issue and will update you when I know more. The second problem is that you need to insert the glass into the lanterns and whilst many customers have not had a problem  doing this, others have found it difficult to do.

Having said all of this, the majority of customers love these hanging candle lanterns and have had many compliments from friends and relatives.

Summing up these beautiful European Hanging Candle Lanterns

Metal European-style Hanging Candle Lantern These lanterns are quite affordable and make a striking feature in your home. They are made of metal and glass and are very sturdy and durable, looking good wherever you place them in your home.

Indoors or outdoors, you can mix and match the two different sizes (19 inches and 25 inches) and give your home a very elegant, warm and welcoming feel.

The only cons are that you have to assemble the glass into the lanterns yourself and sometimes the glass is broken in transit. The majority of customers however, don’t have any problems at all and absolutely love these stunning lanterns.

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