Dealing with stress in the workplace – How to relieve stress

Reducing stress in the workplace - relieve stress at work

An increasing number of employees are dealing with stress at work

Work related stress is a well known issue in the USA mainly because people feel a lack of control at work, as well as being overworked. Whilst there may be jobs that are more stressful than others, every job has its own set of stresses, requiring each of us to find a way for dealing with stress at work.

Even people who say that they thrive in stressful situations can feel stressed if they don’t feel in control at work. Not forgetting that we all deal with stress differently, so a situation that you might sail through might leave someone else quaking in their boots.

Recent research by the American Institute of Stress has shown that 20% of employees feel stressed because of a problem juggling their work and personal lives, 6% because of a worry about job security, 46% due to their workload and 28% because of problems with other employees at work.

Other research has shown that there is an increasing problem of violence in the workplace, that Americans are working for longer hours each week and that the incidence of job related stress has jumped significantly over the past 10 years.

Dealing with stress at work - powerlessnessThe main cause of stress in the workplace seems to be a sense of powerlessness, because you have to respond to other people’s demands and time frames.

In addition, when you aren’t performing a job that you love and makes you hop out of bed each morning with a smile on your face, your stress levels increase.

Did you know that in 2016 it was estimated to cost businesses in  USA at least $30 billion each year in lost workdays due to work related stress?  So what can you do to relieve the amount of stress you feel at work?


5 Tips for dealing with stress at work

Feeling stressed out every time you step into work can mean that your entire life suffers.

There is no way that most of us can keep all of that work related stress bottled up at work and leave it at work. This means that we either blow our stack at work or at home, neither of which is a good idea.

So let’s look at 5 tips that might help with managing stress when you are at work.

Dealing with stress at work - prioritizing tasksTip 1 –  Prioritize tasks:  If you feel stressed out at work because you have too much to day and no-one to help you achieve all of these tasks, then start by prioritizing each task.

Then, write down a realistic time frame for each task and if this doesn’t agree with your employer or supervisor’s wish list, then you will either have to find a way to work smarter or address the issue with them.

It is better to renegotiate the required time frames or ask for help, than to simply not complete on time. Otherwise, you will need to de-stress before you blow a gasket and end up snapping at everyone at work.

Missed deadlines will make your boss or supervisor think that you are not doing your best and you will feel even more stressed. So being realistic about completion times and discussing these with your up line manager shows that you can complete all of the tasks, if they give you more realistic time frames.

Tip 2 – Stand up for yourself: If you don’t speak up, then your employer or supervisor will think that you are happy with your workload and dead lines. This is a guaranteed way to shoot yourself in the foot and to increase your stress levels, so the best way to deal with this type of stress is to speak up, say your piece politely and ask for more realistic deadlines or some assistance in completing these jobs.

One of the best ways for dealing with stress at work is by standing up for yourself and not letting other people walk all over you. Of course, you can’t attack your supervisor or work colleagues, but you can state your opinions and ask for help when needed.

managing stress in the work placeTip 3 – Take a break: You shouldn’t have such a large workload that you can’t afford the time to take a coffee break or eat your lunch. It does all of us good to go outside in our break times, go to a coffee shop with a work mate, breath the fresh air and stretch our legs.

This helps to clear our head and when we go back inside, we can focus much better on our work.

Tip 4 – Don’t take work home: By this I mean literally – don’t do work at home that should be done at the workplace, but also don’t take the stress of work home with you. If you can’t complete your work in the working day, then something needs to give.

Either your work load is too high or you need to find a way to work smarter. Also, if you take all of the stress you feel at work home with you, then your family will suffer. So leave the stress of work at the workplace and go home with a big smile on your face.

You might find that you need to stop off at the gym for an hour before you go home, as this is a great way for dealing with stress. You can also have a nice hot bath when you arrive home, giving yourself the time to switch your head over from work to home.

Tip 5 – Change your job: If you find that your home and family life is suffering because of all of the stress you feel at work, then it might be time to look for a more suitable job. One that isn’t so stressful and demanding, and one that does make you wake up with a smile and go to work happy.


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