Purple Glass Moroccan Style Candle Lanterns for Weddings Review

urple Glass Moroccan Style Candle Lanterns for weddings

Add an exotic vibe with these beautiful candle lanterns for weddings

If you want to add a little mystery or drama to your celebrations, then you can’t go wrong with these beautiful candle lanterns for weddings. They are also ideal for birthdays, parties and any type of occasion, indoors or outdoors that needs a fresh vibe.

The colorful stained glass, gives a wonderful Moroccan feel to your celebrations and they bounce light around the room, adding to the ambiance. They are well crafted, made of metal and glass and come in 8 different colors, so you can mix and match or go with just one color scheme.

Currently, if you purchase 3 or more, you receive 10% and this discount is applied at the checkout.

  • Fragrant candle lanterns.
  • Available in blue, purple, white, cream, red, green, clear and amber.
  • Uses tea-light, votive or small pillar candles.
  • Made from iron and glass.
  • Suitable as hanging candle lanterns or as freestanding lanterns.
  • Perfect for weddings, parties, birthdays, patios, indoors & outdoors.
  • Size: 4.2 x 3.8 x 10 inches.
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds each.
  • Fits up to a 3 inch candle.
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What are candle lanterns?

Purple Glass Moroccan Style Candle Lantern for Weddings Candle lanterns are an old form of lighting that provides low level light from candles. They can be hung up on chains for a decorative effect or placed on a table, dresser, wall or other stable spot instead.

These candle lanterns are designed in a Moroccan style, and their decorative metal frame highlights the diverse nature of this country, rich in culture and traditions. Moroccan designs are characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways and colorful fabrics and they excel at stained glass and metal cut work patterns.

It is only in the dark that you can truly appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of these beautiful Moroccan candle lanterns. If you are searching for candle lanterns for weddings, parties or even a quiet get together, then these Moorish inspired candle lanterns will add a beautiful starry and mysterious ambiance to your home.

What are customers saying about these beautiful Moroccan candle lanterns?

Amber candle lanterns for weddingsOnline customer reviews indicate that customers really like these Moroccan candle lanterns for weddings and parties with more than 80% giving them a 4 or 5 star rating. The few that have given negative comments have said that they received the candle lanterns already broken in the mail or that they looked cheap and they didn’t like them.

One comment that is relevant is that the purple colored lantern is more pink than purple, which is good to know if you are considering buying the purple candle lanterns for weddings or parties. The majority of customers however, love these candle lanterns.

Summing up these Moroccan inspired candle lanterns for wedding & parties

Beautiful Moroccan styled candle lanterns for weddingsThese Moroccan style glass and metal candle lanterns make beautiful centerpieces for tables and they look lovely placed along a shelf or wall, as a well as hung up throughout your home or patio.

You can use real candles or battery operated candles if you prefer for safety, but whatever type of candle you choose or color lantern you select, they will add a beautiful, dramatic mystique to your home. For the price, you can’t go wrong and if you buy more than free, there is currently a 10% discount on offer.

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