Calily Eternity Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Calily Eternity essential oil diffuser

Let’s take a look at the lovely Calily Essential Oil Diffuser

The Calily Eternity Essential Oil Diffuser is a lovely, elegant looking diffuser that is very affordable (around $20) and is easy to set up and use. Since it only has a 90 ml (3.0 fl oz) water reservoir, it is best used in small sized rooms (around 250 square feet), but it looks so elegant, that it is hard to pass it by.

Features of the Calily Eternity Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.
  • Water capacity 90mls (3.0 fl oz).
  • Colored LED lights.
  • Auto shut-off when water reservoir is empty.
  • 3 hours continuous working mode.
  • Coverage area: 250 square feet.
  • Mains power only.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Easy to clean.
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Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

Calily Eternity essential oil diffuserThe Calily Eternity is an ultrasonic diffuser, which means that it doesn’t use heat to diffuse the essential oils into the air, instead it uses cold mist technology.

This makes it not only very safe, but since an ultrasonic diffuser only uses a few drops of your essential oils, it also helps to save you money.

The problem with an ultrasonic diffuser is that it mixes the essential oils with water, so it dilutes any therapeutic effect of the oils. If this is important to you, then it is best if you check out the nebulizing diffusers, because they don’t dilute the essential oils.

Water capacity

The reservoir of the Calily Eternity Aroma Diffuser holds 90 mls (3.0 fluid oz) of tap water, gives you 250 square feet of coverage and about 3 hours of continuous misting.

So this particular essential oil diffuser is best for small rooms (bedroom, bathroom, office, small lounge or kitchen), but will need to be topped up frequently during the day, if you want to keep your room filled with perfume all day long.

Longer lasting diffusers have a larger reservoir and able to take a greater water capacity and last longer. If you would prefer one of these, then check out my review of the URPOWER diffuser that holds 500 mls of water and lasts for up to 10 hours.

LED colored lights

Calily Eternity essential oil diffuser The Calily essential oil diffuser has four different colored LED lights (green, aqua, blue and peach) which change automatically from one to the other in sequence.

You can also pick your favorite color or turn the lights completely off. The beautiful soft colors are very soothing and along with the beautiful essential oil scents can help you relax and wind down at home.

Auto shut off features

When the water reservoir is empty, the Calily Eternity essential oil diffuser automatically switches off, which is a great safety feature, particularly if you forget that you have left the diffuser switched on or gone out and left it switched on.

Noise level

The Calily Eternity Aroma Diffuser is designed to be extremely quiet and whisper quiet. There is no noise, heat or vibration, making it perfect for use at night and during the day. The Calily Eternity essential oil diffuser is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, massage rooms, offices and spas.

Easy to use

Calily Eternity essential oil diffuser The Calily aromatherapy diffuser is so easy to use. All you need to do is remove the top section of the diffuser (the part with the honeycomb lattice pops off), fill with tap water to the fill line, add a few drops of essential oils into the water and refit the honeycomb top of the diffuser.

When you switch the diffuser on, a few wisps of steam will diffuse from the top of the diffuser and the LED lights will start to glow and cycle through the different colors.

To stay on one color, you just need to press the switch again.

There is only one button on the front of the diffuser, which controls everything – ON/OFF and selecting your favorite color. This is a small size unit, only about 6.5” tall, so it is quite inconspicuous, but looks fabulous anyway!

Easy to clean

Cleaning of the Calily Eternity Ultrasonic Diffuser is a breeze. It does come with a small cleaning brush, but I don’t use it. All I do is fill the reservoir with warm water and a teaspoon of vinegar, swirl it around and then I am good to go.

Customer reviews

With nearly 2000 reviews online, customers really like the Calily Eternity Essential Oil Diffuser. In fact, customers love it so much they tend to buy more than one at a time!

Most customers love that this diffuser looks so elegant, that it is so quiet and that it blends into the room so well.

 Points to note about the Calily Eternity Aromatherapy Diffuser

You can’t set this diffuser into an intermittent mode, instead the mist runs continuously when it is switched on. This would be a great additional feature, as intermittent diffusing increases the operation time of the diffuser considerably.

For a similarly priced ultrasonic essential oil diffuser with a slightly larger water reservoir and an intermittent misting feature, read my review of the Radha Beauty Aroma Diffuser.

This diffuser does not come with a measuring cup for the water nor a fill line, which is weird, but there is little red knob, which from my experience with other diffusers is the equivalent of a fill line.

My final thoughts on the Calily Eternity Essential Oil Diffuser

Calily Eternity essential oil diffuser I like that the Calily diffuser is cool to the touch and that it uses cold mist technology, so it is very safe around children and pets.

I also like the design of the honeycomb lattice and the way the pastel colors glow through this honeycomb, which is much nicer than a plain LED light.

Another great feature is that you can switch off ALL of the LED lights and there is no back light to the ON/OFF switch – making it perfect for using at night. This diffuser also looks very elegant in the lounge, bedroom or even the study and since it is very affordable, having one in every room seems like a great idea!

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