Aroma Spa Fragrance Diffuser Review

Aroma Spa Diffuser white

Check out this fabulous fragrance diffuser by Diffuser World

The Aroma Spa by Diffuser World is a very sleek and compact ultrasonic fragrance diffuser. It is easy to use and has just about all of the functions you need to infuse your home with the fabulous scents of your essential oils.

You have multi-colored LED mood enhancing lights, an auto shut-off feature for when the water reservoir is empty and an adjustable misting feature to customize the amount of essential oils you diffuse into the air. It also comes in two great colors – black or white.

Aroma Spa fragrance diffuser

Features of the Aroma Spa Fragrance Diffuser

  • Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.
  • Water capacity 120mls (4.0 fl oz).
  • Multiple changing colored LED lights.
  • Auto shut-off when water reservoir is empty.
  • Adjustable flow of mist (constant or 15 second on/off durations).
  • 3 hours continuous working mode, 6 hours in intermittent mode.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 6 month warranty.
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About the Aroma Spa ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

Aroma Spa Diffuser whiteThe Aroma Spa is an ultrasonic diffuser which means that it uses cold mist technology to disperse the essential oils into the air. Basically, the water is vaporized and coated in your essential oils and this water vapor is then diffused into the air.

As they use cold mist technology to diffuse your essential oils, no heat is used, so they are safe around children and pets. As ultrasonic diffusers add a small amount of humidity to the air, they might not be suitable for people who live in humid or damp environments. They don’t give out a lot of humidity, as for example you would find with a humidifier, but they do add water vapor to the air.

Also, because you only need to add a few drops of your essential oils to the water reservoir, you do save on the amount of oils you use, but these oils are also very heavily diluted.

What all of this means is that if you want to use a fragrance diffuser to add a beautiful perfume to your room, then an ultrasonic diffuser is great. On the other hand, if you don’t want to add any more humidity to the air or you want to benefit from the full therapeutic strength of your essential oils, then you need a nebulizing diffuser instead.

Water capacity

The AromaAroma Spa - add half a cup of water Spa ultrasonic diffuser has a reservoir that holds 120 ml (4.0 fl.  Oz) or about half a cup of tap water. This is enough to diffuse your essential oils for 6 hours in the intermittent mode or for 3 hours in the continuous operating mode.

Adjustable mist flows

You can let the fragrance diffuser run continuously until it runs out of water and automatically switches itself off. On the other hand, you can select the intermittent mode, where the Aroma Spa diffuses for 15 seconds and then stops for 15 seconds, and keeps repeating this cycle until the water reservoir is empty and it shuts off.

The intermittent mode helps you to save on your essential oils and it usually operates for 6 hours, whilst the continuous mode runs for around 3 hours.

LED lights

Aroma Spa fragrance diffuserYou have multiple LED lights which glow in a band around the circumference of the diffuser. They cycle through greens, blues, purples and yellow colors and add a lovely ambiance to your room.

You can run the diffuser with the lights on or off and you can also select one of the colors to stay on while the unit is diffusing, rather than cycling through all of the colors.

Easy to use

The Aroma Spa has two buttons on the front of the unit. One for the misting and one for the lights. All you need to do is to press the misting switch once for the continuous mode, twice for the intermittent mode and three times to turn the misting off.

Then press the lighting button once to turn the lights on and cycling, twice to select a color you like and three times to turn the LED lights off.

Customer reviews

There are not a lot of customer reviews online for the Aroma Spa fragrance diffuser yet (as it is fairly new), but so far customers like that it is lightweight, looks wonderful and has a unique and easy to use lid design.

My thoughts on the Aroma Spa Fragrance Diffuser

Aroma Spa - turn on lightsThe Aroma Spa is very easy to use with just 2 buttons that cover all of its functions. Simply press one button for the misting and the other for the LED lights.

I really like that you can have the misting without the lights and the lights without the misting, as well as the option for continuous or intermittent misting.

The Aroma Spa Ultrasonic Fragrance Diffuser is high on my Top 10 list, because it has all the functions you need, is whisper quiet and it looks fabulous!

Overall, this is a sleek, lightweight and great looking aromatherapy diffuser that will look awesome in any room of your home – and it is less than $50 as well.

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